TRACES in-service training for Youth Workers

C1 Short-term joint staff training event

The considerable growth in the popularity of social media among young people with fewer opportunities, a key youth-work target group, means that many youth workers are now addressing threats that are been designed and promulgated from distant places well beyond the local or familiar. Youth workers need specific training to help them deal with these threats.

The in-service training for youth workers will comprise a total of 50 hours of learning. This will include a special 3 day, 25 hour training programme focusing on:
(1) the delivery of digital and social media literacy curriculum;
(2) working in on-line dynamic environments using resources such as the e-learning curricula and the database of resources housed on the TRACES Collaborative online Learning Database.

This 25 hour training will be delivered at the transnational training event in Romania with the balance of the in-service training provided as self-directed learning supported on-line through the Online Learning Database.

The training methodology will be a combination of:

1. self-driven online learning (during the 25 hours of learning prior to the training activity); 2. non-formal education participatory methods and techniques (during the activity);
3. face-to-face instruction on the use of specific online tools.