IO5 - Guidelines for Youth Workers

Guidelines for Youth Workers working with Digital Media

The digital media are changing every day. The moment we master one, a new one more advanced appears. This is true in all kinds of digital media and also for the media we use in Youth Work.

However, all the partners have witnessed a gap in Continuous Professional Development programs for youth workers and youth trainers/ facilitators in the use of Digital Media in Youth Work. The project TRACES wants to fill this gap.

The Guidelines will be complementary to all the other resources to be created. The guidelines will be enriched with the feedback of the youth workers and youth trainers/ facilitators who will attend the in-service training.

The guide will offer advice on the role organisations and youth workers can play in supporting young people to use digital media and new technologies safely and productively.

The Guidelines will be available as an e-book, published on ISSUU by end of June 2020.