IO1 - Digital and Social Media Literacy Curriculum Resources

Consortium partners have developed a suite of digital and social media literacy training resources. This suite of resources comprise 2 resources addressing each of the following themes:
(1) Secure On-line Engagement - how to manage on-line information and keep it safe from on-line risks like identity theft, phising, Internet scams. This theme will also address analyzing and understanding privacy policies and what they really mean for subscribers

(2) Real & Virtual Identity - how to reconcile on-line and off-line identities raising awareness of effects on ones sense of self, ones reputation and relationships. This theme will help young people explore their own digital lives

(3) On-line Communication - how to use inter-personal and intra-personal skills to build positive on- line communication and relationships. This theme will encourage young people to understand digital citizenship and digital ethics

(4) Cyberbullying - how to deal with a cyberbullying situation. This theme will encourage young people to take an active positive role and be an up-stander helping to create supportive on-line communities

(5) Your Digital Trace - how to protect your own privacy and respect the privacy of others. This theme will encourage young people to self-reflect before they self-reveal and consider the impact of what they share on-line can have today and in the future

(6) Credit & Copyright - reflecting on the rights of content creators and the responsibilities of content users. This theme will address issues like plagiarism, piracy, copyright and fair use

(7) Information Literacy - how to find, evaluate and use information effectively. This theme will help young people assess the quality, credibility and validity of on-line information, websites and social media platforms

(8) On-line Safety - how to enjoy the collaboration opportunities that the Internet offers without endangering themselves. This theme will help young people distinguish between inappropriate contact and positive connections

Each resource produced comprises some or all of the following elements:
(1) A short video/animation/quiz/puzzle/multi-media presentation
(2) A tutor/youth worker manual in pdf format
(3) A learner handout in pdf format

The resources are available free of charge in all partner languages on the Learning Environment -page.