IO4 - Policy Paper

Digital technologies have revolutionised young people’s lives in many ways and policies need to consider both opportunities and challenges, by tapping the potential of social media, equipping youth with digital skills and fostering critical thinking and media literacy.

The partners wish to do their part to facilitate the "Engaging, Connecting and Empowering young people: a new EU Youth Strategy" in their countries.

The policy paper considers the role to be played by all implicated parties in ensuring that the maximum benefits can be extracted from ubiquitous technologies through responsible digital citizenship based on digital and social media literacy.

The policy paper also address the essential role that in-service training for youth professionals plays in achieving quality learning outcomes especially when working in technology enhanced environments.

Finally, the policy paper assess the experience of the project partners in 3 different countries and make recommendations for policy change on the basis of that experience. It considers why a change of policy approach might be relevant and the cost benefits to be derived from the new model developed.

In addition to the project website, the Policy Paper is also published on ISSUU:




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